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    French Sole Shoes

    For over 25 years, French Sole Shoes, a tiny store in New York City's swank Upper East Side, has been home to the world's largest collection of ballet flats.

    Neinstein Plastic Surgery

    Specialist in minimally invasive liposuction and non-surgical rejuvenation of the face located on the Upper East Side of New York City.

    The Hyatt Herald Square

    Located in the heart of Midtown Manhattan, Hyatt Herald Square New York is a chic, contemporary hotel in the world's most vibrant city.


    Whether you are looking to get your product where it needs to be or you're a client looking to get your career to the next level-our team has the knowledge and tools to get you there.

    Public Relations

    As your team, we bring a diverse and collaborative approach to translating your public image across all platforms through constant communication with other public relations firms in NYC. Our goal is to ensure relationships are established with your audience as well as highlighting upcoming projects, leveraging social media strategy.


    Online Reputation Management



    Unfortunately, when established and new brands that provide goods or services, or when an individual is managing their personal brand, and their besieged with negative comments, reviews, and chatter, it’s overwhelming. Often, the fallout can negatively impact your reputation and revenue. At AichG, we consult with you to understand what the issues are and how it’s affecting your brand. We also do a brief analysis of your reputation online, nationally and internationally, if your brand is multinational. Our sole goal is to help you resolve the matter expeditiously. Upon retaining our services, we do a thorough analysis and put together a strategy and a plan to bolster your brand and resolve your reputation online. We also work in Crisis Reputation Management.


    Event Production


    Based out of New York City, with a decade of successful experience both internationally and nationally, we have the team and resources to create the event of your dreams. Scalable and flexible- we take care of logistics so that you can make memories.


    SEO/Search Engine Optimization


    We have been working successfully in search engine optimization both nationally and internationally successfully for over 7-years. We’ve optimized all types of brands in every vertical market, including brands that need to re-think their current SEO program. When we’re assessing your brand, we look at the entire landscape, on-page, off-page, domain authority, content, links, sitemaps, navigation, breadcrumbs, analytics, and much more. We also work on TLDs (Top Level Domains) and ccTLDs (Country Code Top Level Domains), and semantic, predictive and mobile search. We can also provide monthly traffic and keyword reporting, as well as managing a White Hat SEO Link Building Program




    Our talented media gurus work to ensure your vision is spread through various outlets reaching your targeted audience. We epitomize diversity- from culture to education to experience. Our team has an extensive skill set in communications including: social media marketing, research, design, advertising, media production and public relations. 


    Social Marketing Strategies


    Every brand is different. Knowing how to engage your end-users is a daunting task. Understanding your entire core messaging and how best to reach your demographic is paramount to your brand’s health. We analyze your analytics, online engagement, social tools, and your website to implement a strategy that best suits your objectives. We test multiple things to see what tracks with your customers, as well as integrating tracking tools. We provide you with tutorials and work with your employees. We also engage on your behalf and provide weekly reporting for up to 3 months or longer.




    Our team leverages 10+ years of collective experience to create a customized approach to achieving, engaging and empowering our clients- from PR to Event Production, to Branding and Media. Simultaneously, fluidly and interchangeably to expand your brand, product or image through the applicable platforms using all things social!


    Social Marketing Optimization


    If your rankings for social are poor, including your blog, we will put together a social marketing strategy to improve your social and blog rankings.


    Video Production




    We produce all types of videos, music videos, shorts, web-series, funny commercials, corporate commercials, V-logs, contests, U-gen content, and much more. Video is a fantastic medium to get your message out there. It’s also a terrific social and social optimization tool.





    Heather Grabin is a thriving PR powerhouse. Her fluent ability to network and create bonds is nothing short of impeccable. Time after time, her competitive inclination keeps her going.

    Her will and determination lead her to start her own public relations company called AichG in 2009. As the founder of Aichg, she has worked with various brands, entertainment personalities, and some of the top venues.

    Rachel Lucosky

    Publicist, New York Lifestyle


    Rachel is extremely driven and has a committed personality. She specializes in creative writing, event planning and networking. Rachel dives into new experiences and learning new things. She is ready to apply and expand her knowledge as she thrives in the industry.

    Sarah Brocca

    Publicist, Las Vegas Beauty & Medicine


    Penn State Alumni with a major in Media Studies and Minor in Art history. Sarah has worked in various Sales Roles bicoastal. She has over 4 yrs experience in the medical market. Her passion and innovation for PR drives her to exceed expectations and thrive in the Las Vegas market.

    Dianna Brocca

    Publicist, Las Vegas Hospitality


    Dianna specializes in Media and Communications with years of experience in the Sales industry. Dianna has a fantastic nitch for detail and design. She is always taking on anything new and upcoming ventures in the city that never sleeps, Las Vegas.

    Jason Bourne

    Publicist, Music

    New York

    From humble beginnings in the Washington Heights neighborhood of Dyckman where he is beloved as an example of what a mixture of potential and hard work can produce; Jason Bourne is an established media contributor and Music Publicity Coordinator. With credits that include many of todays leading publications as well as blogging duties and Internet Radio stints, this newcomer to the AICHG family has hit the ground running manning newly acquired music based accounts adding his personal touch to the excellence that AichG has become revered for.

    Michelle Moore

    Director of Graphic Design

    Michelle is our in-house graphic designer from the Pocono Mountains. She specializes in branding and identity development, logo design, illustration, print and media creation. Michelle loves working out, crafts and sewing, hiking, baking and a strong coffee!


    Publicist, Lifestyle Philadelphia


    Jocelyn represents musicians, artists, public figures and professionals in the media. Jocelyn is a musician herself and understands the industry ranging from music publishing to production. She harnesses these skills to scale timelines, quality control and consulting where needed. Jocelyn's ability to place her clients and focus on her clients goals gets excellent results. Jocelyn is still a total sorority girl who loves fashion and organizing fun parties.


    Jami Bubnis

    Event Manager, Ft. Lauderdale

    Jami's contagious laugh and love for animals is enough to brighten your Mondays. She has over 15 years in the hospitality industry and there isn't an event she can't conquer!


    • "Heather, I wanted to say thank you again for your efforts that contributed to a successful event! I appreciate the efforts that pulled together and enhanced the event. As we discussed, we have several other opening in the area upcoming in the next few months, and perhaps we will have the opportunity to work together again!"

      Rick Day

      Vice President - Marketing - Real Hospitality (Hyatt Herald Square)

    • "Working with Heather and her team at AichG Public Relations has been such a a great experience.They always go above an beyond proving that they have my best interest at heart. The team has helped me open doors and gain opportunities that will allow me to take my career to the next level. They have turned my "career path" into a journey and I am so glad to have them along for the ride!" -Dina Deleasa-Gonsar, DishItGirl.com
    • "AichG is one of the best PR firms that I have worked with. They have amazing range, and have understood my vision and brand - which most PR firms do not. As a Chef, they have focused on my brand and talent, and have worked nonstop to further my career outside of the kitchen." - Chef Diane DiMeoChopped/The Taste/Beat Bobby Flay
    • "Working with AichG was one of the most important elements in recognizing my career goals on another level. Their selective eye and hardworking team worked literally 23/7 to ensure that I was able to connect to every possibility available. They took care to develop my image in a multi-dimensional way highlighting every facet of me from the obvious modeling/acting to writing and public speaking...setting me up for a long and healthy well rounded future. With their individualized approach and non stop focus- in JUST TWO MONTHS they had me in such publications as Cosmo, Elle, Huffington Post, Marie Claire, Buzzfeed, and many more. From television appearances to red carpet events they match me with countless new opportunities to expand my brand. The best thing about working with AichG though, is the fact that it is real and human. These are people who truly care about my progress adn success-and who are easy to care about in return. Id recommend AichG and Heather to anyone who wants to start taking themselves seriously adn transition from referring to themselves as a product---to referring to themselves as a company. That's what AichG did- they turned me from a product to a company in just two months, and Im excited about a growing future together." -Rain Dove, Super Model & Personality 

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